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This attorney was so responsive, honest and professional! I'm a 67 year old female with dementia, and was involved in an accident and got a DUI. Joshua guided us through the process, answered all of our questions, and the outcome was a blessing! 100 percent worth it!!

Susan B.

Joshua Bourne is an excellent lawyer! He has helped me twice and both times was able to get my case dismissed and stuck by throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him as a competent and effective professional attorney.

Kent A.

Joshua was extremely helpful in representing my case. He knows the law and process very well. At all times he was very dependable and always address any fears and concerns that I had. His advices were also trustful and were what I need during my stressful period. I highly recommend using Joshua for your case.


Attorney Joshua Bourne is awesome. He takes care of things, neatly and professionally. He got my case dismissed. It's a pleasure throughout the legal process under his help.

Nathan G.

If you’re looking for an amazing and professional lawyer Joshua Bourne is who you should go to. He has been my lawyer for about two years now and when I say I have had nothing but an exceptional experience with him I mean that. I’ve had legal issues and he made the whole process beyond easy and stress free. His prices are also really amazing and I really respected the fact that there was a payment system if you can’t pay in full that helped me so much. Again if you’re looking for a caring and beyond professional lawyer Joshua Bourne is the person you should go to!

Tiffne R.

Face it!! The unknown can be very scary! All the legal language and your freedom at stake. Not only did Josh keep me free, now, a few years later he got my cases expunged!! I can't say enough about the guy. I hope I never need him again, but it's wonderful to know he's there!!!


Mr. Joshua Bourne is a true professional dedicated to his work. Mr. Bourne has been there for me every step of this tiring process. He explained to me in laymans term what I would be up against, and what could be the outcome. This was my first brush with the law, and yes, I was very nervous. He was able to alleviate some of my stress. Not only did I think I would get a DUI, but I was worried about my drivers license and nursing license. Mr. Bourne always returned my phone calls even as late as 9:00 pm. He kept me up to date with my case and dates. He was on top of every aspect of my case. The biggest thing was, I did not get a DUI or lose my license. He was able to get my charge down to a Wet-Wreckless driving, which I had never heard of. I did not lose my license either. I highly recommend Mr. Bourne to anyone facing a DUI or DWI.


I could not thank Joshua enough for what he did for me. It was a dog case against S.D. animal control. The department charge me with 2 felonies and I could not describe to you the stress that this case put on me, my family, and my career which I must keep a security clearance. The prosecution though they could strong arm me to a deal. I was not having it and we went to trial. The trial lasted 4 days and Josh performance was great. I walked away as I came into court, with a free record and my life back on track again.


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