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Josh Bourne is a passionate San Diego criminal defense attorney who, from early on, knew he wanted to defend the rights of those accused of serious crimes. Mr. Bourne has more than 20 years of experience practicing criminal law in San Diego—both as a prosecutor and defense attorney.

After graduating from law school, Mr. Bourne accepted a position as a Deputy City Attorney with the City of San Diego. For most of his time at the City Attorney’s office, Mr. Bourne was a member of the Domestic Violence Unit, prosecuting DV cases on behalf of the city. This gave him crucial insight into how these cases come to be, as well as how prosecutors understand domestic violence in general.

Upon his departure from the San Diego City Attorney’s office, Mr. Bourne joined a civil litigation firm where he gained extensive litigation experience. Here, he handled many different types of cases, including those involving corporate and partnership law and marital dissolution.

In 2006, Mr. Bourne established the Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne, a San Diego criminal defense firm that has since earned renown for handling a wide range of serious crimes. Currently, Mr. Bourne handles all types of misdemeanor and felony cases in San Diego County, with an emphasis on DUI cases and domestic violence cases. However, the Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne also regularly handles other serious misdemeanor and felony cases, including those involving charges related to vehicular homicide, white collar crime, assault and battery, drugs, theft, gang crimes, and burglary. Mr. Bourne also regularly appears on behalf of juveniles charged with committing delinquent acts. In fact, Mr. Bourne has obtained the certification required by San Diego County to handle juvenile delinquent and dependency matters.

Mr. Bourne’s experience, knowledge of the law, and passion for criminal defense work make him an excellent choice for anyone facing criminal charges in San Diego County.

Mr. Bourne has a strong desire to serve his community, especially the many underserved communities in San Diego. Thus, several years ago, Mr. Bourne underwent the lengthy process of obtaining a special certification from San Diego County so he could be appointed by the court as conflict counsel for indigent defendants who could not afford an attorney.

Undergraduate Education

  • Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts.
  • Institute of European Studies, Vienna, Austria.

Law School

  • University of California, Davis, California
  • Winner of Traynor Moot Court State Championship
  • Witken Award, Criminal Law

Ranked amongst the top 40 law schools in the nation, the University of California, Davis School of Law, more commonly referred to as King Hall (named after Martin Luther King Jr.), instills in its students a strong sense of social justice and service to the community.

Continuing Education

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“NACDL”) – D.W.I. Means Defend With Ingenuity
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (“CACJ”) – Rules of the Road D.U.I.

Certifications & Memberships

  • San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • California DUI Lawyers Association
  • San Diego County Bar Association

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Joshua Bourne is an excellent lawyer! He has helped me twice and both times was able to get my case dismissed and stuck by...

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Joshua was extremely helpful in representing my case. He knows the law and process very well. At all times he was very...


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