Felony Domestic Violence

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Felony domestic violence cases often involve injury or serious threats of injury or death. If you are charged with a felony case, you may risk jail time or even state prison. Joshua Bourne is an experienced, professional, and dedicated criminal domestic violence defense attorney. He is a former San Diego domestic violence prosecutor who has handled mumerous felony domestic violence cases. Mr. Bourne worked as a prosecutor in the San Diego City Attorney’s Domestic Violence Unit. He is committed to providing quality legal services focusing on domestic violence defense.When you are charged with a domestic violence offense you need to be proactive. You need an attorney who takes the time to talk to you. You need an attorney who will obtain and review all the disovery, reports, medical records, and videos that may exist in your case. You need an attorney who will appear in court on your behalf and fight for your rights. Hiring a competent domestic violence defense attorney gives you the best chance of keeping you out of jail and keeping your job.

Unlike many criminal law attorneys, the Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne is prepared to represent you fully in all aspects of both a criminal and poetental family law case. Domestic violence cases may impact child custody and visitation orders, and our office handles domestic violence criminal defense, defense against criminal protective orders, civil restraining orders, CLETS domestic violence restraining orders, move out orders, child custody cases, divorce, and all aspects of family law.

To learn more about the legal defenses available to you as a domestic violence defendant, contact the Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne for a free initial consultation.

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This attorney was so responsive, honest and professional! I'm a 67 year old female with dementia, and was involved in an...

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Joshua Bourne is an excellent lawyer! He has helped me twice and both times was able to get my case dismissed and stuck by...

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Joshua was extremely helpful in representing my case. He knows the law and process very well. At all times he was very...


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