Multiple Offender

Drink with cuffs

If you have already had one DUI, you may now be facing mandatory jail time. The prosecutor and judge will view you as a potential threat to the community and will want to increase your punishment. We know that you are not a criminal or a menace to your community. You may just need someone to help you work on issues regarding alcohol or alcoholism. The Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne can help. Often, our clients need rehabilitation treatment, and this can be an alternative to harsh sentencing if you are serious about recovery. However, you are up against a wave of new and harsher approaches to punishment of drunk driving cases. Fines and jail terms have been raised for multiple drunk driving offenders. License restrictions, suspensions, and revocations are now longer, more extensive, and easier for the DMV to obtain. You may now be facing the installation of an ignition interlock device for many years. You may even be facing a felony DUI if you have multiple prior convictions and be looking at extensive prison time.

When you are charged with a DUI offense and have prior convictions you need to be proactive. You need an attorney who takes the time to talk to you. You need an attorney who will obtain and review all the reports and videos that may exist in your case. You need an attorney who will appear in court on your behalf and fight for your rights. Hiring a competent DUI attorney gives you the best chance of keeping you out of jail and keeping your job and your license.

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